Tech Support

We resolve your technical issues and then take the time to explain what happened and provide advice on how to adjust your behaviour or install software to prevent similar problems in the future.

Web Services

Our fast/secure SSD Hosting services provides amazing speed, security and great scalability. There will be no downtime as compared to most conventional hosting methods.

Security Solutions

Take basic steps to ensure that you’re effectively protecting yourself and your business, such as securing your premises with access control systems, CCTV Surveillance systems …

Specialist in Quick Service

fastest repair service with best price!

Compurter Service

We offer remote and onsite problem resolution as well as troubleshooting for home, mobile, office and corporate end-users.

Network Services

Network down? No Internet? We provide reliable and timely service, by solving your networking problems either remotely or at your premises

Security & Hi-tech Systems

We offer a wide range of CCTV security camera systems to help secure and monitor your home or Business premises and also help prevent theft or damage your property.

Who We Are

Intense IT Solutions is an independent IT Management Service provider in Cape Town and its surrounding areas. The business was founded with the goal of finding easy, reliable and cost-effective IT support solutions for SMMEs.
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What Clients Say?

Here are testimonials from clients that we have worked with and are happy to share
their opinion about the process and the results.

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We’ll repair and diagnose any computer problems

Over 20 Years of experience in IT Technical Support Services