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Your network connects your workforce with the information they need to be productive. Its setup can determine how much your employees are able to accomplish each business day. Without reliable network support services your business can suffer greatly, or worse, operations can come to a complete halt.

Intense IT Solutions will set up all your business communication needs, from shared internet connection to printer availability or file sharing. We work with the most proficient network technicians so that cables and wires will be out of sight and out of mind! Our network experts will help you, design a cost-effective network infrastructure, and diagnose network problems and implement network support changes.

In addition to initial setup and configuration, ongoing network monitoring is integral to maintaining a reliable, secure network for in-house employees and office visitors. We leverage cutting-edge tools and technology to watch network activity and ensure small issues are caught before they become big problems. On the off chance that network problems do arise, our team is alerted immediately and resolves it quickly. Often, we diagnose and repair the problem without it affecting you or your colleagues. We also work on an ongoing basis with your ISP provider to address outages and upgrades.

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Network Services

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