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Security cameras are often an integral part of any security system, at home and in commercial premises. We offer a range of security camera systems to help prevent property theft or damage and to monitor the property inside and out.

Home surveillance system is an appropriate choice, so are its other counterparts such as Wireless security systems and HD security systems.

Security Cameras

There are security cameras to suit all needs and budgets. We can recommend the best camera for your needs if you are considering a security camera installation. Any video surveillance is only as good as its installation. A professional will install surveillance cameras at the most vulnerable locations around your property, such as at the entrance and exit points.

We can offer wireless security cameras to take advantage of new technology which makes a surveillance camera installation easier. Wireless systems are quicker to install and can be added to and moved around more easily also.

Finally, we also offer a security camera repair service if your security system isn’t working properly. Contact us and we can help get your system back up and running, and make sure your security isn’t compromised.

Benefits of Security Camera Systems

In an ideal world, security cameras would be unnecessary. Unfortunately, the crime statistics demonstrate video surveillance is often necessary to protect property. A surveillance system can provide a number of benefits, including:

They act as a deterrent to thieves. Anyone staking out a property will be deterred by the presence of a camera. By installing a security camera system at your property, you are making it a less desirable target for thieves.

Monitor the activities of people in your property.  In a commercial premise a surveillance system can monitor visitors. At home, cameras can help you monitor pets or children if you are in another room.

Can act as evidence if a theft occurs. Sometimes it isn’t possible to prevent a crime occurring, but with video surveillance you can support the police to achieve a conviction.

Help reduce your insurance premiums. Insurers often reduce premiums on property with adequate security to reflect the reduced prospect of a crime being committed.

Maintenance of Security Cameras

Keeping your security cameras running well is essential if you are to maintain uninterrupted surveillance of your premises. Cameras are electrical devices and therefore may need some maintenance from time to time. If you need a security camera repair, we can visit you to check your system, but there are a number of things you can do to keep your video surveillance working well:

  • Make sure the camera isn’t obscured. Cut shrubbery and trees back so the view is uninterrupted, and keep the camera lenses clean
  • Check the camera housing to make sure it isn’t cracked and is weatherproof. If it is damaged, you will likely need a replacement.
  • Make sure the cabling (if your system isn’t wireless) is secure and not corroded. If there is a problem, contact us and we can replace any cabling.
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